01/20/2011 06:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Modern Family: Divorce Drama?

It's better to walk in on your parents having sex than have to endure a divorce. That's the lesson from last night's episode of ABC's Modern Family.

On the show, the three Dunphy kids (Haley, Alex, and Luke), surprise parents Claire and Phil on their anniversary with breakfast in bed--only to discover them in flagrante delicto. The trio are (hilariously) horrified, and leave the house to process what they've seen, ultimately concluding it's a good thing their parents are still doing the deed, because the alternatives are pretty grim:

"I guess it's better than having parents who fight all the time," says Haley.

"My friend Jacob's parents are getting divorced. He has to move out of the house," replies Luke.

"He'll get used to it. Half of my friends' parents are divorced," Haley tells him.

"Mine too," adds Alex.

"So it's a good thing mom and dad do sex," says Luke.