01/24/2011 02:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rachel Sterne Named New York City's Chief Digital Officer

After a six month search, the Bloomberg administration has made Rachel Sterne the city's first chief digital officer.

Sterne, 27, founded the citizen journalism site, GroundReport, and is an adjunct professor of social media and entrepreneurship at the Columbia Business School.

The Dobbs Ferry native will be charged with helping the city more effectively use social media, and will also work to ease relations between the Bloomberg administration and the tech startup community.

From Capital New York:

Local startups and venture capitalists have not always been happy with the Bloomberg administration: For more than 10 years, the city has been in conversations with leaders of the scene, who have been asking for support for the existing tech community--with more "digital native" liaisons and possible rent abatements, for example--and a focus on tech entrepreneurship in schools. NYC Convergence recently interviewed some start-up founders who have been unhappy with initiatives so far.

"The focus of my role is to help the city use technology to better serve citizens, and to save tax payers money by making our services more efficient and accessible online," Sterne said. "In more concrete terms, I will start with a listening campaign that asks citizens and City agencies for their ideas, requests, and complaints on the City's digital resources."

Ok then, you tell us: What tech solution should the city implement first? Subway schedules? Better Taxi TV? Subway wireless? Replace garbage trucks with giant Roombas?