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Waitresses Sue The Standard, Say They Were Fired Over Their Looks

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The Boom Boom Room at the Standard. (Waitresses pictured above not necessarily the plaintiff) photo by PMc | PMc

Two cocktail waitresses from the Standard hotel claim they were fired for not being "willowy, svelte and statuesque runway models", reports the Daily News.

Aspiring actresses Faye Rex and Stephanie Jaggers are suing the Meatpacking District hotel, claiming management sees fit to employ only women with runway model looks at its sexy playpen above the High Line.

"There's definitely a type at the Boom Boom Room - and that type is beautiful, tall and skinny," said Richard Roth, a lawyer for the women. "Compare that to the men."

The Boom Boom Room has become a posh hangout for models, designers and celebrities. Recently it played host to the 'Blue Valentine' after party, Dior Beauty party and a V Magazine launch.

The Standard itself is no stranger to a good, sexy scandal. The owners last year urged guests to send in nude photos of themselves at the hotel.

The two waitresses say they were canned after their employee reviews, in which their performances were graded as "less than par" and less impressive than their other "stellar employees."

"They're beautiful women, but they're not tall and that, apparently, is a big crime," Roth said. "They were excellent employees who were terminated for one reason - their body type."

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