01/26/2011 05:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Macy's Selling Painting Of SNL's Seth Meyers For $5,500

If you want to see great artwork, you should check out the Art Institute. Or you could always head over to the West Loop gallery district and explore. But if you've already been to those places, may I suggest an alternative? Head to the Macy's at Randolph and State Street for a real special treat.

Take the elevators to the 8th floor, go past the furniture - straight to the tiny portrait studio in the back corner. There are several paintings on display, mostly of families and children of no particular importance. But in the center, there is one painting that catches the eyed. It looks...well, it looks familiar. The portrait resembles that of Saturday Night Live star Seth Meyers. Lounging.

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