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Rahm Emanuel Residency Case Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment (VIDEO)

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Rahm Emanuel may or may not be the next mayor of Chicago. But he has now joined the ranks of Steve Jobs, Miley Cyrus and the bailout of Ireland as the subject of a video by Next Media Animation.

The Taiwanese CGI firm burst onto the world stage with its amazing rendition of the Tiger Woods scandal. Since, it's made video mock-ups, narrated in Mandarin, of many of the biggest American and international news stories, with an increasingly silly bent in recent months. A video on the Rally to Restore Sanity featured our own Arianna Huffington flogging a writer on a bus (no comment on the veracity of that depiction) and the return of the McRib.

This new Rahm video is no exception to the silliness trend: Emanuel appears naked throughout the clip, an apparent reference to his reported shower-time intimidation of Rep. Eric Massa.

But it also gives a pretty good synopsis of the situation: judges confused about the definition of residency, Rahm's voting in Illinois -- even Carol Moseley Braun makes a brief appearance.

Watch the new NMA Rahm video: