01/27/2011 05:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Tweet the Joke': Comedians Challenge Twitter Users To Find The Punchline

Twitter is an excellent tool for joke-telling by both would-be comedians and seasoned professionals -- and is finally bringing them together. Since December, the site has encouraged users to "Tweet the Joke," a daily opportunity for Twitter denizens to complete a joke premise given by some of the country's funniest comics, such as Maz Jobrani, Hal Sparks and TJ Miller. Prizes are awarded to the funniest punchlines. (It should be noted the contest is for fun, not to give the comedians free jokes.)

This week, Tweet the Joke is "hosted" by Doug Benson, the comedian and "Super High Me" star whose popular podcast "Doug Loves Movies" and impressive Twitter following have gained him legions of fans. Benson's love of film is only second to his notorious love of cannabis, and fittingly, his chosen joke premise today is movie-centric: "I got confused at the box office and accidentally bought a ticket to..."

Here are a few funny tweets that people have already submitted for the day's contest. (Tomorrow, Benson will tweet another set-up.) Think you can do better? Prove it! If you have the perfect punchline to Doug's joke, tweet it and include the hashtag #tweetthejoke.

Tweet the Joke: Doug Benson