Riverview High School Prank Backfires On Teen Vandals (VIDEO)

01/28/2011 03:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Artists of all types have long drawn inspiration from the human form. But two student "artists" at Riverview High School in Florida are in big trouble for their X-rated spin.

ABC reports that two student vandals, 14 and 15, have been charged with felony criminal mischief and might be expelled after pouring used motor oil on the walkways of the campus in the shapes of obscene body parts. One of the figures in the main courtyard of the school is 90 feet long.

A cleanup crew has used a steam pressure washer and kitty litter to remove the damage, but nothing's worked so far. The bill has already ticked up to $30,000.

In the end, the student pranksters didn't even get the reaction they had likely hoped for. The prank has already cost one of the vandals his girlfriend and other students aren't amused.

"I just think it's a stupid idea," said 10th grader Alandra Sochor. "It doesn't impress anybody."

The two students confessed to the principal after their peers tipped him off.


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