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Laura Ingraham To O'Reilly: Meghan McCain 'Poor Man's Ron Reagan' (VIDEO)

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Laura Ingraham reignited the feud between her and Meghan McCain on Thursday's "O'Reilly Factor," and McCain fired back on Friday.

McCain had called Michele Bachmann a "poor man's Sarah Palin" on Wednesday, and Ingraham referenced that comment when speaking about her.

There is, of course, no love lost between Ingraham and McCain. Ingraham called McCain "plus-sized" in March of 2009, prompting McCain to respond that Ingraham could "kiss my fat ass." Ingraham then called McCain a "useful idiot" for the liberal media.

The topic of McCain was actually Bill O'Reilly's idea. He said that she was evidence of a split within the GOP. Ingraham was incredulous.

"Are you serious?" she said. "The only reason Meghan McCain is getting any because of her last name. Meghan McCain? Maybe she's a poor man's Ron Reagan. [Ron Reagan is Ronald Reagan's son.] I don't even know what Meghan McCain stands for. The last time I heard her I think she was talking about her tattoos."

WATCH: On Friday afternoon, McCain took to her Twitter page to respond:

"Pundits" going on Bill O'Reilly commenting on my body and tattoos are threatened by who and what I represent in politics.less than a minute ago via web