02/01/2011 10:59 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Adam Scott Talks Being Attracted To Megan Fox, Rob Lowe On Fallon (VIDEO)

"Parks & Recreation" newcomer Adam Scott gave an entertaining interview on "Late Night" Monday night, and dished to Jimmy Fallon on his various -- and varied -- co-worker crushes.

Scott, who's also working on upcoming film "Friends With Kids," started by talking about how "hard" it is to act opposite Megan Fox, who plays his love interest in the movie.

"She's a person who's so attractive," Scott said. "That when I'm around her I just feel like I'm covered in diarrhea."

Scott began to elaborate, but a cracked-up Fallon quickly changed the topic to "Parks & Rec" news, as you can probably imagine. Scott started talking about the NBC sitcom's other newest cast member Rob Lowe, but it didn't take long for the conversation to digress once again:

"He's another diarrhea one!" Scott joked. "I just feel so gross when he's around. He's beautiful!"

Apparently all the ladies on "Parks" get the giggles around Lowe, and Scott is no different (He even joked: "I've caught myself almost making out with him a couple times").

Watch the interview below to hear it all, as well as Fallon finally get Scott off the diarrhea talk and hear about his hilarious "teen mayor" character back story on "Parks."