02/02/2011 10:03 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Denver Public School Parents React To Schools Being Open On Wednesday

The Denver Public Schools' Facebook page became a sounding board on Tuesday for students and parents furious that the district will open schools on Monday.

The district closed schools on Tuesday, thanks to near-record low temperatures. However, unlike most districts in the area, DPS decided to open its doors on Wednesday despite temperatures expected to barely exceed zero.

"It is wrong that school is open on Wednesday when it will be colder than today. This weather is dangerous for kids who have to walk to school or wait at the bus stop. Were is your sence [sic] of responsibility?," one student commented.

Another called DPS's plan "a terrible decision that shows total disregard for the well being of DPS students."

"I'm not sending my kids," wrote one parent.

In a statement, Denver Public Schools acknowledged concerns, but said "conditions tomorrow to have improved to the point to allow for buses to be fully operational, for our students to go to and from school safely, and for schools to be open to serve our students."

DPS also addressed concerns over the district' attendance numbers. "Schools should give excused absences to students whose parents do not want them to attend school due to a safety concern related to the cold weather," the district said.