Kourtney Roberson Missed Dunk: Ball Goes In & Out During Texas-Texas A&M Game (VIDEO)

02/01/2011 01:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Seemingly-impossible in and out dunks seem to be becoming more common in the Big 12 these days.

In less than three days there have been two extremely odd occurrences of basketballs almost going through the hoop (as they should), and miraculously coming back out. First it was Kansas State's Jamar Samuels who was oddly rejected by the net after the ball went 3/4 in, and now it's Texas A&M's Kourtney Roberson who was left scratching his head during the team's 69-49 loss to Texas Monday night, according to Yahoo Rivals.

Take a look at the latest weird missed dunk below, it's a doozy.


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