02/02/2011 01:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Groundhog Day Photoshop Competition (PHOTOS)

UPDATE: Congratulations to rbmorris for making the top-voted Groundhog Day Photoshop! We've moved it to the top and closed participation. Thanks for playing everyone!

Happy Groundhog Day! While our fuzzy friend may have come up with the most ironic answer possible (we're pretty sure the crushing, crippling, hobbling winter storm has destroyed any promise of spring we once had), it doesn't mean today isn't a day to celebrate. And for geeks like us, that means only one thing: Photoshop competition.

So grab your favorite groundhog photo, use those mad editing skills you've been honing for just such an occasion, and send us your best groundhog image. We made a few of our own to help inspire you.

We'll have our community select what they think is the best image, and we'll tweet and facebook the winner when the competition is over!

(Note: Photos have to be approved before they will appear in the slideshow.)

Groundhog Day Photoshop Competition