'Valley Of The Wolves: Palestine,' Turkish Action Movie Based On Gaza Flotilla Raid, Called Anti-Semitic (VIDEO)

02/02/2011 05:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A new Turkish action movie based on last summer's Israeli commando raid on a Gaza aid ship is generating controversy for its violent content, with some critics even condemning the film as being anti-Semitic.

The movie, titled Valley of the Wolves: Palestine, is the latest in a popular Rambo-style franchise known for its violent content. According to the BBC, the plot revolves around Polat Alemdar (played by Turkish actor Necati Sasmaz) who enters Israel on a revenge mission to kill a sinister commander who ordered the flotilla raid before the usual action-style mayhem ensues.

Despite the film's brutally graphic imagery, most critics are drawing attention to a single line. In one scene, an Israeli soldier asks Alemdar why he came to Israel, to which the hero replies, "I didn't come to Israel, I came to Palestine."

Others have taken note of the fact that the slickly-produced film's premiere coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day. "This is a very disturbing situation for Jews," Gabby Levy, Israel's ambassador to Ankara, is quoted by Reuters as saying. "I can't understand why the producers of this movie held the premiere on a day that is extremely important for my people."

Watch Al-Jazeera's full report, which includes scenes of the new film, here: