02/03/2011 04:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cross-Eyed Opossum At 2011 Oscars? Heidi Asked To Join Academy Awards Ceremony (VIDEO)

What do James Franco, Anne Hathaway, and a cross-eyed opossum have in common? Franco and Hathaway are the confirmed co-hosts of the 2011 Academy Awards, but reports are now surfacing that ABC has requested Heidi, the now infamous cross-eyed opossum, to appear on their show as well.

The animal from Germany became internationally renowned after photos were published of her this past December, and she now has over 285,000 Facebook fans.

The Today Show reports that ABC contacted the director of Leipzig Zoo, requesting Heidi's presence at the February 27th ceremony. According to The Telegraph, the opossum may have even been asked to co-host the event.

According to Reuters, if Heidi does appear, she will probably only be seen through a video link, to avoid upsetting the animal. The zoo has reportedly in the past tried to treat Heidi like the other animals, and shield her from marketing ploys.

It is suggested that Heidi's eyes are crossed due to a poor diet when she was young, which caused fat deposits to form behind her eyes. She is now on a diet, with the hope that her eyes may even return back to normal.

If her eyes do return to normal, will her fame remain? Edmund Haferbeck, an animal expert with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals feels that famous animals do not benefit from their celebrity status: "These animals are put on show for millions of people, but afterward they remain incurably crippled."

It is also unclear how two major celebrity actors will feel about sharing the spotlight with a marsupial.

WATCH this cross-eyed opossum:

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