The Office Divorce: Ryan And Kelly Force Coworkers To Choose Sides

02/04/2011 07:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This week's episode of The Office opened with Ryan and Kelly announcing their divorce. But wait, when did they get married?

Apparently a week ago while they were "wasted," but an emotional weekend in the Poconos resulted in their sudden split soon after.

Ryan tried to justify his decision to divorce by saying "I don't want to be married until everyone can get married" excuse, which Oscar quickly refuted--"You know Ryan, I talked to the other gay guys, and we're okay with it. We all agree that you can get married."

Kelly admits it may have been a mistake, but Ryan quickly turns against her.

"This actually isn't amicable at all. We actually do need you to take sides. Whose on my side?"


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