02/04/2011 11:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

ESPN's Top 5 Super Bowl Moments Made Out Of Food (VIDEO)

Since the food we enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday runs, at worst, a close second to the game itself and often overtakes it altogether, ESPN took the beloved American pairing and ran with it. In the brief montage below, they animate 5 great Super Bowl moments from the 2000s, exclusively using traditional Super Bowl eats: pretzels, chips, crackers, cheese, wings, popcorn, candy, and more. Spot Eli Manning's miraculous 2008 Super Bowl pass to David Tyree, Drew Brees holding his adorable ear-protected son after last year's victory, and other great moments, by way of Game-day snacks:

[h/t: @DetectiveFisch]