Forbes' Most Miserable Cities: California Takes The Cake

02/04/2011 11:55 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

California wins the dubious honor of landing 8 cities on Forbes' "Most Miserable" list. To make matters worse, the list is only twenty cities long.

Forbes describes the factors taken into account when compiling the list (read more on the methodology here):

"We consider a total of 10 factors, things that people gripe about around the water cooler every day. Most are serious issues, including unemployment, crime and taxes. A few we factor in are not as critical, but still elevate people's blood pressure, like the weather, commute times and how the local sports team is doing."

The LA Times reports that Cleveland is relieved to be knocked off the top spot and noted, "The Cleveland Leader posted a picture on its website with the phrasing: 'Cleveland. Not as Miserable As It Used To Be.' "

America's Most Miserable Cities