Dana Carvey's 13 Funniest 'SNL' Characters (VIDEOS)

02/05/2011 12:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Many "Saturday Night Live" devotees consider the last of the late 1980s to the early '90s to be one of the strongest era in the show's history, and Dana Carvey can be given much of the credit for that. Characters like the Church Lady, Garth Algar, Hans, George Bush and more were always highlights of a period when highlights were the norm.

So when it was announced that Carvey would be hosting "SNL" this weekend for the first time in a decade, we thought it necessary to give a quick primer of Carvey's most beloved sketches during his time on the show. (Much of the current audience of "SNL" weren't even born when Carvey was a cast member, if you can believe that.) His promos with Andy Samberg lead us to believe that the show will be filled with Carvey's best-known characters and catchphrases updated with a knowing, modern twist.

Check out our favorite Dana Carvey sketches from his days as a cast member, and vote for your favorite. What Carvey sketches and characters do you think will be brought back this weekend when he hosts?

Dana Carvey's Best 'SNL' Sketches
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