Motorola Xoom Super Bowl Ad Imagines A 'Better World' Than 1984 (VIDEO, POLL)

02/07/2011 05:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Motorola is advocating rebellion--against the iPad. The company's Super Bowl ad for the Xoom tablet challenged Apple's famous "1984 ad" and attempts to strike against the iPad's market dominance.

The minute-long Xoom commercial, titled "Empower the People," touts the device as "A tablet to create a better world." The commercial imagines a world full of silent office workers, all wearing identical white jumpsuits, all staring wide-eyed into space with what appear to be Apple's earbuds dangling from their ears. Then, along comes a man wearing a black-and-grey suit and carrying a Motorola Xoom tablet.

The man engages with the device's capacitive touchscreen by flicking through George Orwell's 1984 and navigating around town via Google Maps for mobile in 3D. The maverick then begins to woo one of the worker drones. He buys her a bunch of flowers and photographs them using the Xoom's rear-facing webcam. He then creates a cute animation using the photograph and slips the tablet into the girl's office. The gift appears to wake her from her trance, and she takes out her earbuds.

According to Engadget, we'll soon see just how effective Motorola's ad war against Apple has been. On Super Bowl Sunday, the gadget blog spotted a Best Buy advertisement for the Xoom, which is marked with a February 24 launch date and a price tag of $799.99. There is also a note about Verizon's data charges, which appear to start at $20 a month for a single gigabyte. For an overview of the device's features, visit the recently-launched Motorola Xoom minisite.

You can view Motorola's TV spot for "the world's first Android 3.0 tablet" in the video (below). For more geeky Super Bowl ads, check out GoDaddy's surprising new spokesperson and Groupon's controversial Tibet promo.


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