Diane Sawyer And Sue Sylvester Twitter Feud Breaks Out

02/08/2011 04:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Diane Sawyer is battling an unlikely enemy: Sue Sylvester. The cheerleading coach from "Glee" may be fictional, but her feud with the ABC News anchor is all too real.

In the latest episode of "Glee," Sylvester, who's played by Jane Lynch, is speaking to Katie Couric. "I hate you, Diane Sawyer," she tells Couric.

Sawyer wasn't about to let that jab go. She closed her Monday show by warning, "watch out, Sue Sylvester. Watch out."

She also sent a message to Sylvester via Twitter: "@S_SylvesterGLEE it's on. As a frm rejected Seneca JV wanna-be cheerleader I'll meet you in the gym - bring the cannon."

Sylvester struck back, responding, "Bring it on, Diane Sawyer @ABCWorldNews. Your next gig will be hosting "Good Morning Emergency Room."

Watch Sawyer call out Sylvester: