02/08/2011 07:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jason Sudeikis On Sucking Zac Efron's Foot, Kissing Jon Hamm

By the way his on screen career has gone, you'd think Jason Sudeikis had a hall pass way before he starred in "Hall Pass."

Sudeikis, the "Saturday Night Live" star and headliner in the upcoming comedy "Hall Pass," sat down with The Advocate to discuss some of his saltier roles -- in some cases, quite literally.

A zany, do-anything guy on "SNL," Sudeikis has had his fair share of gay scenes on the show, including a few with very famous leading men.

On kissing Jon Hamm, he said:

A lot of people didn't know what to make of it because it seemed to come out of nowhere -- did they go through all that just for the kiss? -- but we were having a good time playing the satire of CHiPs... I've kissed a handful of fellas in various improv shows and stuff, but I'd never done it with a mustache or kissed someone else with a mustache, so that was interesting. It's off the bucket list!

What he doesn't mention? Sudeikis recently split with girlfriend January Jones, Hamm's wife (not to be a spoiler) on his hit show, "Mad Men." Perhaps the mustache-on-mustache action between her real life beau and on-screen man was too much for her?

Sudeikis also spent some close time with Zac Efron on "SNL" -- though he wasn't lucky enough to get a mouth kiss from the former Disney teen idol.

Truth be told, I hadn't done that in any of the rehearsals. I just did it on the air to screw with him... Zac's a nice guy, we got along really well, and he really enjoyed that scene. There was so much good energy by the time we did it for the show, I thought, I'm just going to try it and make him fight me, but I was able to overpower him and stick half his foot in my mouth. I figured if anyone in the world has a clean foot, it's got to be Zac Efron.

WATCH the Sudeikis-Hamm scene:

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