02/10/2011 12:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ryanair Shows 'Mutiny' Students How To Pack (VIDEO)

This past weekend, Belgian university students 'mutinied' on a Ryanair flight from the Canary Island's Lanzarote after they were told that their luggage was deemed too big to fly.

Never one to miss an opportunity for more publicity, Ryanair released a statement on Wednesday asking universities to add a class on packing a suitcase to their curriculum.

A Ryanair spokesman said in a statement:

"Ryanair is today calling on Belgian universities to ensure no further embarrassing international episodes when their students travel abroad by providing them with an online tutorial in how to pack light. While this tutorial will avoid any unpleasant situations for students, airlines and fellow passengers, these universities should also address the media reports that their students damaged hotel accommodation and were a general menace to other holiday makers, by developing further tutorials such as 'how to respect hotel rules.' Thankfully the unacceptable actions by this small group of students are not indicative of the behaviour of the many millions of university students from Belgium and elsewhere that travel with Ryanair every year."

The statement contained a video of an experienced packer by the name of Tom Ayzenberg demonstrating how to pack a suitcase.

WATCH below: