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The Sexiest, Kinkiest & Weirdest Hotels In The World

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Leave it to the Telegraph to put together a list of the world's sexiest, kinkiest and weirdest hotels.

The list speaks to secret fetishes--hello, beds made out of coffins--and people's inner harlots--a British company takes couples flying so they can join the mile high club.

So what made the cut? Their picks include Brighton's Hotel Pelirocco, which happens to have a "dirty weekend room;" a hotel in Berlin that allows guests to, um, watch each other; and the Palms Casino in Las Vegas that is home to a Hugh Hefner Sky Villa complete with rotating bed.

People must really dig this sort of thing, especially with Valentine's Day coming up. What do you think? Leave it in comments.

And for the full list--complete with photos--click over to the Telegraph.

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