WikiLeaks 'Golden Collection': Parody Site Reveals State Secrets 'Too Good To Give Away' (PICTURES)

02/10/2011 03:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rumors continue to swirl about Julian Assange -- that he'll be the subject of a Hollywood biopic, is harboring secret UFO documents, may or may not abuse kittens -- but the one sure thing is that despite donations from Michael Moore and other free-speech proponents, his legal defense will require a pretty hefty fund.

And if he's smart, Assange will take a cue from the new satirical website WikiLeaks Golden Collection, a new site that purports to show premium "secrets too good to give away."

The website, which is created by some contributors for The Onion, cuts through the dry, boring diplomatic doublespeak found in Assange's real cables and gets right to the heart of some ridiculous tidbits the government didn't want us to know about. Visit the site for more "classified" documents, and vote for the funniest!

WikiLeaks Golden Collection (PHOTOS)
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