02/11/2011 12:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mike D'Antoni To Knicks Fans: Stop Chanting 'We Want Melo'

Trade rumors have been swirling around Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony for quite a while and New York Knicks fans are starting to become antsy. During the Knicks-Clippers game on Wednesday, fans at Madison Square Garden started to chant "We Want Melo" with six minutes left in the game.

According to ESPNNewYork, Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni doesn't like that chant.

"It's not good. There's no doubt about it," D'Antoni said, explaining that the chant had a negative impact on his players. "It affects some of the players without a doubt."

The Knicks were losing by 16 at the time and ended up losing 116-108.

"I hate it for them," the coach said. "Because you're banged up and hurting and trying to push through certain things. Psychologically, it's not the best thing at times."

Carmelo said this week that he would consider an extension with Denver.