02/11/2011 01:11 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sophie B. Hawkins Wants To Do What To Sarah Palin, Now? [UPDATED]

Lock it in: Slate's Dave Weigel has won the CPAC coverage with this scoop, live from Andrew Breitbart's "Big Gay Party," at Washington's Eighteenth Street Lounge, where conference goers enjoyed an "open bar and the musical stylings of Sophie B. Hawkins."

A word about Sophie B. Hawkins. Michael Steele, who was chairman of the RNC until last month, showed up at the party and stayed a while. Right before I showed up, in an exchange witnessed by several people who described it to me, Steele met Hawkins. She explained her political philosophy to him.

"I'm not a conservative," said Hawkins, "but I'd like to [expletive] Sarah Palin."

Steele reacted quickly. "Well, she's very attractive," he said.

UPDATE: Hawkins' publicist vehemently denies and disputes this account, saying she "never said this" and "would never say something" like this. Hawkins' manager also says that this did not happen.

FURTHER UPDATE: Hawkins tells me that this conversation never took place:

The GOProud party at CPAC was a triumph of the spirit. Left, Right, Conservative and Liberal came together in a celebration of goodwill toward America, and the Individual. I am sure Michael Steele would back me up in saying I did not make such a tawdry and demeaning statement regarding Governor Palin.

She adds: "My intention is to inspire anyone who feels trapped by the negative media and devisive politics which keep us separate, to begin the conversations which will bridge the abyss of hatred."

So there you have it.

CPAC 2011: Big Ol' Gay Party [Weigel @ Slate]

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