Subway Wi-Fi: The Inevitable Downside (VIDEO)

02/11/2011 01:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

For years New Yorkers have been clamoring for cell phone signals and wi-fi in the city's subway system. In fact it's rather unthinkable that at this point the city that never sleeps takes a break from productivity as it enters NYC's hundred-year-old tunnels.

Well three years ago the MTA inked a deal that would ultimately bring cell phone service to the underground. But what is the inevitable downside? The subway is the only place in the our daily lives where we can sit without phone or internet inference. A moment for reflection, for introspection (unless there happens to be a mariachi band playing, or you have Angry Birds on your phone).

But what happens when they turn on the switch?

Hopefully, not this:

This also begs the question: if subway signals are years away from a reality, who is that man on the phone with?