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'The Office': Jim & Pam Drunk On Valentine's Day (VIDEO)

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One of the hot new trends in corporate culture is to install sleep rooms in the office so that dedicated employees can grab a quick power nap when necessary.

But only Dunder Mifflin is forward thinking enough to come up with the idea of office "make out rooms." At least, that was the solution offered last night to the problem of Michael and Holly's overly affectionate working relationship.

More importantly, we found out that just about every Dunder Mifflin employee has at one time or another had sex in the office...everyone except for Jim and Pam. Fortunately, when this information came to light, they were already drunk on the bottomless champagne they had enjoyed at their Valentine's lunch, so their inebriated state allowed them to take up the gauntlet that those make out rooms seemed to be throwing.

Jim and Pam drunkenly returning to the office from their lunch and then ineffectually trying to find a place to hook up, makes up a nice collection of charming moments and reminds you why you rooted for this couple for so long. They just enjoy each other.

In this clip, Jim and Pam stumble into work, Erin asks Andy to help with a Valentine's puzzle Gabe has given her, and Jim finds that a lot of champagne makes Dwight hilarious.