02/12/2011 05:11 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

'Break Up With Your Ex' Day: What Will You Do To Celebrate?

Remember last fall when Jimmy Kimmel announced "National UnFriend Day"?

YourTango is taking this idea one step further, asking people to make the day before Valentine's Day the time to officially remove all those "I once knew you far too well and now we can no longer be friends" friends. Yes, Feb. 13 is YourTango's "Break-Up With Your Ex" Day.

Even once you've lost that loving feeling, being connected to your ex through social networking makes it very difficult to pack up and move on. YourTango conducted a survey on this subject and found that "71 percent of respondents ... think about their ex too much and 48 percent (including 42 percent of married people!) ... look at their ex's Facebook or other social networking profile too often."

How are you supposed to stop thinking about that former love when you know exactly where he or she is living and working, which of your mutual friends they still keep in touch with, what color they dyed their hair, how many children their brother has now, what they ate for lunch and who they are now seeing? It's almost impossible.

So go ahead and use this Feb. 13 to unfriend, unfollow, de-tag -- whatever it takes to cut your ex out of your Internet life and have a blissful Valentine's weekend.