02/12/2011 12:39 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

'Blue Valentine' Got You Down? 9 Functional Movie Couples

The film "Blue Valentine" is both a critical darling and a scourge of censorship, but everyone seems to agree on one point: Its gritty depiction of a crumbling marriage is both realistic and devastating.

As the relationship between Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams) deteriorates from a playful romance into a stagnant pool of disappointment, the viewer feels viscerally every slight, every emotional blow the characters level at each other onscreen.

As your heart is being torn out chest, you wonder, "Who killed the marriage? Dean or Cindy?"

The answer: both of them. And neither of them.

In contrast, the following movies feature happy, functional couples who show us that it takes two to make a committed relationship work.

‘Blue Valentine’ Got You Down? Here Are 9 Functional Movie Couples (PHOTOS)