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17 Heart-Melting Valentine's Day Treats

First Posted: 02/12/11 12:36 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:30 PM ET

From our friends at, whose weekly recipe contests we've been featuring on HuffPost Food, comes this great collection of recipes for homemade Valentine's Day treats, perfect for bringing to the office or to send your kids to school with on Monday. For even more Valentine's Day recipes, cocktails and wine recommendations, check out the related links below the slides.

Ancho Chili-Cinnamon Chocolate Bark
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Neither of us had ever made chocolate bark before we tried this recipe, and wanderash's version happens to be a great introduction. Waves of smooth dark chocolate are spiced with smoky ancho, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper, and studded with dried cherries, cashews and pistachios. The finished product looks lovely, packs easily and takes a total of about 20 minutes to put together. We think it makes a great holiday gift. - A&M

Get the recipe.

Photo: Sarah Shatz
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