Andrew Cuomo Enjoys Record Setting Approval Rating

02/14/2011 02:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Unemployment remains high, New York faces a huge deficit and the next state budget could result in 10,000 workers being laid off.

Somehow, that translates into spectacular approval ratings for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Of those surveyed, 77 percent approved of Cuomo's job as governor.

From the New York Post

The Siena College survey showed Cuomo with the highest approval rating ever for a governor during six years of the college's statewide polling.

The poll found 70 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of conservatives view Democrat Cuomo favorably.

Those numbers are especially striking because Cuomo is a Democrat.

By comparison, Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was viewed favorably by only 19 percent of voters. More than twice as many (41 percent) felt negatively about the Manhattan Assemblyman.

New Yorkers strongly backed Cuomo's budget plan, 72-25 percent, despite huge cuts in education and health spending.

Republicans support the budget more than Democrats, despite Cuomo's plans to significantly reduce funding to upstate prisons, which are primarily in Republican districts.

Upstate New Yorkers support the plan more than New York City residents, perhaps because Cuomo's plan would slice $1 billion from the Big Apple's budget.

Two-thirds of survey participants said the "millionaire's tax'' on those earning more than $200,000 a year should be extended. Cuomo wants to end the tax.

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