02/15/2011 01:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Colbert Dismisses Both Beck And O'Reilly's Egypt Theories (VIDEO)

Like the "Daily Show," "The Colbert Report" returned from vacation Monday night and decided to pick up on the media's response to the revolution in Egypt.

While most people believe the overthrow of 30-year President Hosni Mubarak was lead by young, unemployed and tech savvy Egyptians looking for a better future, Fox News' own Glenn Beck made sure all conspiracy theories were addressed.

It seems that Beck believes Code Pink, Islamic extremists, socialists, communists and just about everyone else is involved in Egypt's revolution, and that it will lead to an Islamic caliphate spreading across the Middle East. At first, Colbert was with him:

"The conspiracies we know are coming but might never happen are the most dangerous! Because if they never happen, how do we know if we stopped it?"

But Colbert couldn't stand by Beck very long when he heard that Bill "Papa Bear" O'Reilly had dismissed Beck's theory as unfounded.

"To him the situation is understandable, unlike the tides," Colbert joked.

Watch the rest of the clip to hear Colbert's take on what's going on in Egypt. Let's just say it has little to do with Islam and communists but a lot to do with King Tut's penis.


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