Divorce Real Estate: House Shuffle

02/15/2011 02:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Valentine's Day might be a time to celebrate love for one another, but let's not forget what happens when things turn sour. Of the umpteen romances that began with Champagne and strawberries, chocolate and love letters, many have ended in acrimony, alimony, and the financial strain of divorce. When some of the world's richest people break it off, the resulting settlements are sizable, and often include some eye-popping real estate. Rupert Murdoch, he of many hideouts, holds the dubious honor of participating in the most expensive divorce of all time: a whopping $1.7B. But seeing as we've already given the media mogul enough attention in these parts, we will delve into the ranks to find some more real estate lost or gained as a result of conjugal discord. So while you spend the night cuddling with a special someone--hey, even if you're all alone!--just be happy you haven't spent more than $150M on a marital mistake...yet.

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