02/15/2011 03:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama's Budget Cuts: Anti-Poverty Groups Respond

Despite assuring Americans that budget cuts won't fall on the backs of society's neediest citizens, President Obama has presented a budget proposal that drastically slashes funding for anti-poverty programs.

NPR reports advocates for the poor are concerned about the cuts, which will reduce community grants, energy assistance for low-income Americans and other programs for the poor.

Some anti-poverty leaders and advocates spoke to NPR about their concerns.

CEO of United Planning Organization Dana Jones said that the cuts will hurt the most vulnerable people across the country.

He said,

And quite honestly, if we're not willing to address that population, then America can't succeed.

However, the president's proposal isn't all bad news for the poor, explains NPR reporter Pam Fessler:

It would keep current spending for programs like Head Start and federal housing assistance. It would also provide new vouchers for homeless veterans and more money to prevent homelessness.


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