02/17/2011 12:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Matt Lauer And Al Roker Are Really Excited About Baldness Cure (VIDEO)

Matt Lauer and Al Roker could not hide their hopefulness about a potential baldness cure that was discussed on Thursday's "Today" show--much to the delight of Meredith Vieira, who mocked their hair challenges at every turn.

Lauer--once so-well known for his thick head of hair that he caused shockwaves when he adopted a buzz-cut in 2002--has been noticeably balding for years. Roker has a completely shaved head. But as Thursday's show opened, the two seemed ready to throw that part of their lives away.

"Can you do the show alone?" Lauer asked Vieira. "Al and I have an appointment. Tomorrow at this time we'll have thick, luxurious heads of hair."

"It grows hair on rats, I know that," Vieira said, before looking and Lauer and Roker and saying, "enough said."

It turns out that scientists used "reverse stress hormones" to grow hair on mice, not rats. In the process, the scientists reported that they may have found a potential cure for baldness.

Vieira kept up the mockery when Nancy Snyderman, the show's chief medical editor, showed up to talk more about the treatment. Vieira called Lauer and Roker "desperate" and "needy," which the two men denied. But Lauer did want to know one thing at the end of the segment.

"The bottom line is, when do Al and I have to go out and buy combs and brushes?" he said.

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