02/17/2011 09:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Perry Mills, Western Washington University Drama Prof, Suspended For Second Time

Perry Mills probably won't be winning any professor of the year awards in the near or distant future.

The Western Washington University associate theater professor has been suspended from the school for the second time without pay, the Associated Press reports.

Why the litany of suspensions? Well, it seems Mills has a way with words when it comes to teaching students and interacting with his colleagues. Records obtained by the Seattle Times detail how Mills called a overweight student a "400-pound canary who warbles nothingness." He dubbed a female co-worker a "slut" and told her that "she had better keep her legs closed, because she could not be expected to teach students the same way she got her doctorate." And according to Seattle Weekly, Mills once said another colleague was "just a stupid faggot."

Seattle Weekly also reports that Mills sometimes toted his registered gun and a "large knife" on campus and raved about killing people. A photo obtained by SW allegedly from Mills's webpage shows the professor's head photoshopped onto a Speedo-clad body, holding a cocked gun and surrounded by firearms, ammunition and guitars.

Contacted by the Times for an interview this week, Mills said his accusers were "emotionally unbalanced nincompoops."

Mills told the Times that the university wants him fired because he said the theater department's chairman embezzled money.