Generic 'Outliers'

02/18/2011 05:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Gallup finds a generic Republican candidate ties Obama;* David Frum argues that John Thune is the closest Republicans have to a generic candidate.

Jonathan Bernstein argues polling is a poor measure of the strength of the GOP 2012 field.

Jon Chait questions Sean Trende's handicapping of Obama in 2012.

PPP finds Obama leading all potential 2012 GOP opponents in nine swing states.

Gerald Seib says voters aren't ready for entitlement cuts.

Mark Mellman wonders if polls could predict uprisings.

A South Carolina exit poll finds voters are unkind to Alvin Greene.

Public Opinion Quarterly makes its Total Survey Error issue free online.

Survey Practice publishes its February issue.

Junk Charts shares a chart of the "mysterious death" of the music industry.

*This post updated 2/20 to correct characterization of Gallup result.

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