Don Cherry On Mario Lemieux: 'You're A Hypocrite'

02/21/2011 01:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Early last week, former NHL great and Pittsburgh Penguins owner Mario Lemieux criticized the league for not doing enough in punishing the New York Islanders for their melee with the Penguins.

NHL analyst Don Cherry ripped Lemieux on Saturday night during the Hockey Night In Canada Coach's Corner segment and called him a hypocrite.

Cherry started to point out several dirty hits that Penguins players delivered and said Lemieux never spoke out against those hits.

"Here we have Savard here, getting his head ripped off, never been the same. Mario never said a word there. Here's the worst one: There's Malkin, going in. Mario never said on Willie Mitchell," Cherry said. "He had to get traded off the club, and never played for the rest of the year. Funny, Mario never said a word."

The NHL suspended Islanders forward Trevor Gillies for nine games, Matt Martin for four and Pittsburgh's Eric Godard for 10. The Islanders also received a $100,000 fine.

"He said the National Hockey League doesn't do enough. A $100,000 fine? A 9-game suspension, 10-game suspension, and now he says it doesn't do enough. You can't have a guy like Cooke do the things he does, you keep your mouth shut, and then you have a little donnybrook, where nobody gets hurt, and now you're going to get out of the League," Cherry continued. "But you do that, you're a hypocrite, and speak two sides out of your mouth. You shouldn't do that. If you're going to keep your mouth shut on other things, keep your mouth shut [here]."

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