02/22/2011 11:34 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Did Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz, Commit Purjury?

Marty Markowitz either lied under oath, or is very forgetful, according to the New York Post.

The Brooklyn Borough President and his aide gave contradictory testimony in a lawsuit that claims Markowitz' office is run "like a frat house" the Post reports.

Markowitz answered "no" when asked whether he knew of complaints of "inappropriate" conduct or discrimination in his office made by Bridget Geary and two other female staffers, according to sworn depositions last year in a sexual-discrimination lawsuit filed by his former communications director, Regina Weiss.

The Beep's response contradicts the testimony of his longtime ally and former chief of staff, Gregory Atkins, a co-defendant with Markowitz in Weiss' 2007 suit.

The lawsuit alleges that Markowitz' office was plagued by sexist jokes and illegal campaign activities, and that the Borough President favored male staffers over female staffers.

Atkins, in his deposition, said Geary was upset by a "joke about a sausage" told by a male co-worker. Atkins also said he learned about the incident from Markowitz himself.

"She started calling the borough president in the middle of the night over the weekend and leaving voice mails," Atkins said.

The issue was eventually resolved when Geary was transferred to a different Borough Hall department.

Weiss said it seemed unlikely that Markowitz could have forgotten the numerous calls from Geary and then telling Atkins to take care of the situation.

City lawyer Diana Goell Voigt said Weiss' allegations are "utterly false" and Markowitz "in no way perjured himself."

The Post notes that Voigt declined to comment on Atkins' and Markowitz' conflicting testimony.

Perjury carries a prison sentence of up to seven years.