02/23/2011 02:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'The King's Speech': Gay Porn Shared Set

'The King's Speech' is a film about the complicated relationship between two men as they work closely together to overcome life's challenges and develop a rare trust despite their different backgrounds and histories.

Another movie filmed on the same set is also about two men. But the plot is a bit different.

Movieline.com has confirmed that the Oscar-favorite about British royalty was filmed in large part at the same location as gay porn film "Snookered," with the two being filmed just over a year apart. The site contacted porn director Jonno, who confirmed that his film was staged at at 33 Portland Place in London -- the same location that Tom Hooper and company used for the office of Dr. Lionel Logue, King George V's speech therapist.

Perhaps the cast of "Snookered" might get a nod on Oscar night, too? No, probably not. Wonder how the Royal Family would react to this news.

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