Ed Bus Concession Speech: Fake Alderman Lets Rahm Have It (VIDEO)

02/24/2011 10:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A lot's going to change around the city with the abrupt end of the mayor's race Tuesday night. Yard signs will come down, volunteers will go back to their non-volunteering lives... and we'll lose some of our favorite comedic voices that have kept us going through this wild electoral ride.

MayorEmanuel, the vulgar Tweeting alter-ego of the candidate, is apparently headed into a time vortex to avoid the destruction of the universe (language in link is NSFW, of course). And Ed Bus, the alderman from the imaginary 53rd Ward who ran for mayor on the "No Phones" party ticket, is also packing in the tent.

Bus, played by WBEZ's Justin Kaufmann, gave a concession speech Saturday that was equal parts bare-knuckle Chicago politicking and bungled sexual innuendo. And he let the newly-elected mayor know that he and some other aldermen would continue to stand up to him on the City Council.

In attendance, among others: Che "Rhymefest" Smith, the rapper who's in a runoff in the 20th Ward race, and former real-life alderman Burt Natarus, on whom the Bus character is loosely based.

Watch Bus's speech:

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