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The Cutest In-Flight Marriage Proposals Ever (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/24/11 04:38 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:35 PM ET

The internet went wild in January for Vera Silva, the Portuguese flight attendant who got proposed to mid-air. What's not to love? It's heart-warming and adorable (maybe sickening to some, but whatever) to see people publicly display their love.

Here are cutest in-air proposals, including a video of Vera, as well as a terrific mid-air proposal by a Vancouver air traffic controller who proposed to his girlfriend...who was on the flight he was monitoring!

Check out the videos below. Were you proposed to or did the proposing mid-air? Send us your videos!

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  • Vancouver Air Traffic Controller makes Marriage Proposal live

  • Southwest Airlines

  • JetBlue from New York to Saint Maarten

  • Headed to Las Vegas

  • American Airlines from Los Angeles to Miami

  • Cebu Pacific

    Sam announced his marriage proposal to Sharie 33, 000 ft. above Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

  • I met my girl on a airplane one year ago. I was going on vacation to NC from Chicago and she was coming back from her vacation to go home. A month later I quit my job for a new one in NC and moved in with her. The song playing over the airplanes speakers is a song written for us and sang by David Smart and is copyrighted. I hope you enjoy the vid.

  • Delta Airlines

  • Air stewardess receives marriage proposal during flight

    Portuguese air stewardess Vera Silva was caught off guard when her boyfriend proposed during a flight from Lisbon to Barcelona, after booking himself a seat on the plane. Joao Vieira told his girlfriend he was taking a business trip and planned the romantic gesture with the help of the crew, but it was a pleasant surprise for the passengers who cheered on the happy couple


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