02/25/2011 08:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

St. Augustine School Community Fights Over Paddling As Punishment (VIDEO)

At an intense debate Thursday over bringing corporal punishment back to a Catholic New Orleans school, an archbishop said paddling could cause emotional and physical harm. But those in attendance weren't having it.

The majority of St. Augustine High School faculty, administration, alumni, parents and even students are in favor of bringing the practice of padding back, WWL-TV reports. They spent four hours debating the topic town hall-style.

St. Augustine is part of the only diocesan school system -- of 175 nationwide -- that until this year, still practiced corporal punishment.

"Yes, I do think it should be allowed here," said Eunice Williams, a St. Augustine parent. "That's one of the reasons I sent my son to St. Aug. The system failed me with my other two sons, my older boys. And me disciplining them at home and asking the system for help and them slapping them on the hand did not help me."