03/02/2011 07:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Channing Tatum In 'Peter Pan Begins': Star Attached To Origin Story

Channing Tatum, wearing green and fighting the enemy. Sound familiar? What if it's skintight green, and the enemies are pirates? And also he's a flying boy who never ages.

Now could be an unexpected twist.

The Hollywood Reporter relays that Tatum is attached to star in a Peter Pan origin story film produced by Joe Routh, tentatively titled "Peter Pan Begins". As THR reports, Routh was behind "Alice In Wonderland," and is working on the upcoming "Oz: The Great and Powerful," and "Snow White And The Huntsmen," so he knows a little something about darkening up -- or at least retelling -- classic fairy tales and stories.

Chatum's role is unclear -- admittedly, if it was a Pan origin story, he probably wouldn't be playing the boy. But then again, with a re-imagined script and canon, things could change quickly. He could also be up for playing Captain Hook, a role Dustin Hoffman played so expertly in the film "Hook". Or, it could be any number of other roles, as well.

Though often an action star, Tatum has showed a soft spot for characters with soft spots before, playing a love letter writing soldier in "Dear John". One would presume that, whether battling floating pirates or small boys, his G.I. Joe skills won't exactly be needed in this film.