Charlie Sheen Anti-Semitic Text Message To Brooke Mueller?

03/02/2011 12:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: Mueller asserted that she didn't send the texts -- she said that on the day in question, November 19th, she was filming a reality show with Paris Hilton.


And now this accusation pops up again.

Brooke Mueller, in court documents, has accused Charlie Sheen of sending an anti-semitic text message about his manager, Mark Burg. Mueller alleges that Sheen wrote, "I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pig that he is."

It's a powerful accusation, and one that Sheen denies -- he says that Mueller has a history of stealing his phone to send scandalous text messages, something that Burg, who says he doesn't believe Sheen is anti-semitic, backs up.

Charlie’s ex publicist Stan Rosenfield is Jewish. I’m Jewish. His entertainment attorney Jake Bloom is Jewish. His litigation attorney in the Warner Brothers and CBS matter Marty Singer is Jewish. His divorce lawyer Mark Gross is Jewish. In fact, his two twin boys are Jewish.

I don’t believe Charlie Sheen to be an anti-Semite. I know there is a war between Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen at the moment and I also know that Brooke Mueller has texted me from Charlie’s phone purporting to be Charlie and has done that also to members of his family. I do not believe Charlie Sheen would ever have made such a remark.

Mueller, Sheen's ex-wife, herself is Jewish, making his twin boys Jewish.

Last week, Charlie Sheen called "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre what he said was his real name: Chaim Levine; Lorre's birth last name really was Levine, but he's never been named Chaim. Some found that emphasis anti-semitic, though others point to a vanity card in which Lorre himself mused about the name.

Mueller late Tuesday night obtained a restraining order against Sheen, and police delivered to her their twin boys after she alleged that Sheen made death threats against her.

Strike two for Charlie Sheen, or another misunderstanding?

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