03/02/2011 05:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Writer's Dr. Seuss Rhyme On Tea Partyers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck And Charlie Sheen

Dr. Seuss hated bullies, bigots and blow-hards. In all of his great works, the good doctor's progressive sentiment is right below the surface. Today is the 107th anniversary of Seuss' birth, and it's hard to imagine what he would have made of the current political scene, which in many ways could be a Seussian creation: Tea Partyers parading on Capitol Hill in tricorn hats; Sarah Palin shooting caribou; Glenn Beck, well, I think Glenn Beck may have been even beyond even Seuss' dystopian imagination. What comes below is a parody that - like most parodies - is also a tribute. God only knows what Seuss would have thought of our day and age. Happy birthday.


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