03/02/2011 08:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rachel Zoe On Charging Anne Hathaway Astronomical Fees Rumor: 'It's Just Classic Ridiculousness' (PHOTOS, POLL)

Rachel Zoe certainly went out with a bang before her impending motherhood -- the nine-months-pregnant stylist dressed Oscars host Anne Hathaway in 8 looks at Sunday night's Oscars. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Zoe to ask about Anne's ensembles. Here's an excerpt from their conversation:

The clothes weren't only custom and couture, but they actually had to be functional. She had to be able to move. Brian Atwood made her these incredible custom shoes she wore with her Lanvin tuxedo. As beautiful as they are, we had to make sure she could dance in them, move in them. Thankfully, she could. But there's fashion and there's, okay, I don't want her to fall. You have to be strategic, and we really had to run through the show several times and go through the order. Make sure she doesn't have two red dresses in the show and she has one white, then one blue, then black, then one red, because you don't want to be redundant. You also wanted to make sure it was appropriate. We did Tom Ford for the finale because it was long sleeve, and she was singing with children. You just want to be appropriate.

Zoe also addressed rumors that she charged Anne "astronomical" fees to style her on her big night:

Can you comment or clarify?
It's just classic ridiculousness. I have no idea who would ever know that and why they would say that. It just seems so silly. It's nobody else's business. Nobody else talks about what they make and what they do. Someone clearly wanted to have fun with something as usual.

It was reportedly someone from the Academy. Who actually picks up the tab?
I can't imagine that's true. It sounded [like] someone's making up something not factual. I have no idea. I don't really get involved in that stuff. That's agent stuff.

Take a look at Anne's outfits and tell us what you think. And for the rest of the interview, head over to Pop Watch.

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