CNN Crew Nearly Bombed By Libyan Military (VIDEO)

03/03/2011 07:54 am 07:54:28 | Updated May 25, 2011

A CNN crew witnessed the Libyan military drop several bombs very close to where it was filming in the country's oil-rich town of Brega, where heavy fighting has been taking place between opposition forces and the government of Muammar Gaddafi,

Speaking on Wednesday night, CNN's Ben Wedeman told Eliot Spitzer that he and his team had been with opposition fighters when they saw and heard a Libyan air force jet pass over them and then drop a bomb. Wedeman said the bomb "wasn't more than about 100 feet from where we were standing." While he spoke, the screen showed footage of the crater the bomb had left in the ground upon impact.

Wedeman said that the military had then dropped another bomb very close to where he and his crew were standing. Unlike the previous one, this bombardment caused some injuries, Wedeman said.

It was all, he said, "a little too close for comfort."


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