03/03/2011 05:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'My Kids Would Never...Bully,' Dateline Special, Uses Hidden Cameras To Look At Bullying (VIDEO)

In a new special, "Dateline" correspondent Kate Snow is deploying hidden cameras to look at how kids respond to bullying when they think nobody is looking.

The special, "My Kid Would Never...Bully," airs on Sunday at 7 on NBC. In it, hidden cameras are set up, and parents watch their children reacting to several different bullying situations set up by "Dateline" and using actors playing the bullies and the bullied.

In a preview, we see a mother watch her daughter laugh as another girl is teased about her weight. The mother says she's shocked to see what's happening, because her daughter is going against everything she's been taught.


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